The Company

begins its function in 1970
when three brothers
(Dimitrios, Zisis and Ioannis) Nikzas,
started to collect the milk from the free herds to produce cheese
on the mountains of Grammos and Kaimaktsalan.

Difficult years followed, but their diligence, their deep knowledge of tradition and their hack and love for production of qualitative dairy products, lead to development of the originally small project. In 1978 P. Nikzas Brother O.E. industry is founded and the brothers built a model dairy factory in Parapotamos village, in the Prefecture of Larissa.

“Feta cheese”, “kefalotiri”, “manouri” and “anthotiro”, are only few of the available products. Throughout the years, and with the contribution of the second generation to the company’s advancement, new facilities are built at the 2nd km of the National Road located between Makrihori and Parapotamos villages, Larissa.

This area is only 18 km distance from the city of Larissa and 2 km from Athens – Thessalonica N.Rd. The new facilities of 5000m2 include all the surrounding spaces suitable for the production, the maturing and provision of the company’s dairy and cheese products. The modern technical equipment and the integral laboratory of qualitative controls complete the investment of the company’s investment in the year 2000.

On 2007 the company’s name is converted to Nikzas S.A and therefore sets higher goals. The packaging of the dairy products takes new forms based on the raised market demands, as the ISO Certification 22000:2005 is already a fact. Our products are exported to the biggest and most demanding markets, such as those of Germany, France, Italy, England, Cyprus and U.S.A.

Main goal of the company for the next year is to have the leading role in the area of traditional Greek cheese products, to enrich the variety of products and to conquer new markets so much in Greece, as well as abroad.